We understand the value and beauty of original hardwood floors. These timeless pieces of craftsmanship hold a rich history and add character to any space. However, preserving and maintaining these floors can be a challenging task. In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil effective strategies to protect and care for your original hardwood floors. By following these techniques, you can ensure the longevity and beauty of these cherished features in your home or commercial space.

Preserving the Past: Unveiling Strategies to Protect and Maintain Original Hardwood Floors

Understanding the Importance of Preservation

Preservation is crucial when it comes to original hardwood floors. These floors are often irreplaceable and hold historical significance. By implementing proper preservation techniques, you not only protect the integrity of the floors but also maintain their original value. Let’s delve into the strategies that will help you preserve the past and keep your hardwood floors in pristine condition.

1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent dirt, dust, and debris from accumulating on your hardwood floors. Use a soft-bristle broom or a vacuum cleaner with a hardwood floor attachment to remove loose particles. Avoid using excessive water or harsh cleaning agents, as they can damage the wood. Instead, opt for a specially formulated hardwood floor cleaner that is gentle yet effective.

It is recommended to mop the floors using a damp (not wet) microfiber cloth or mop. Ensure that excess moisture is immediately wiped away to prevent water damage. Regular maintenance also involves addressing any spills or stains promptly. Use a soft cloth or paper towel to blot the area gently, removing the liquid without rubbing it into the wood.

2. Protection from Scratches and Wear

Preventing scratches and wear is crucial to maintaining the beauty of your original hardwood floors. Place doormats or rugs at entrances to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked onto the floors. Additionally, consider using felt pads or furniture glides under the legs of your furniture to prevent scratching when moving or rearranging items.

High-traffic areas may require additional protection. Placing area rugs or runners in these spaces can help minimize wear and tear. Remember to use rug pads underneath to provide cushioning and prevent slippage.

3. Controlling Humidity Levels

Wood is highly sensitive to changes in humidity. Fluctuations in moisture levels can cause the wood to expand or contract, leading to warping, cracking, or buckling. It is crucial to maintain a consistent humidity level in the environment where the hardwood floors are installed.

Using a humidifier during dry seasons can help prevent excessive drying of the wood. Conversely, using a dehumidifier in humid climates or during high humidity periods can help reduce moisture levels. Aim for a relative humidity range of 35% to 55% to keep your hardwood floors stable and well-preserved.

4. Protecting from Sunlight Damage

Exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading and discoloration of hardwood floors over time. To protect your floors from sunlight damage, consider using window treatments such as blinds, curtains, or UV-blocking films. These options help filter out harmful UV rays while still allowing natural light into your space.

Additionally, you can rearrange furniture periodically to ensure even exposure to sunlight and prevent uneven fading. If possible, apply a protective layer of finish or wax to your floors. This extra layer provides an additional barrier against UV rays and helps maintain the natural beauty of the wood.

5. Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Regularly inspecting your hardwood floors allows you to identify and address any potential issues promptly. Look for signs of wear, damage, or pest infestations. If you notice any scratches or dents, consider using wood fillers or touch-up kits specifically designed for hardwood floors.

It is also essential to monitor the condition of the floor’s finish. If the finish appears worn or damaged, consider refinishing the floors to restore their original beauty. Hiring a professional to perform this task ensures the best results and minimizes the risk of damage to the wood.

6. Proper Use of Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning products for your hardwood floors, it is crucial to choose wisely. Avoid using harsh chemicals, ammonia-based cleaners, or abrasive tools that can damage the wood or strip away the protective finish. Instead, opt for pH-neutral cleaners specifically formulated for hardwood floors.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using cleaning products. Test any new product in a small, inconspicuous area before applying it to the entire floor. This precaution helps prevent any adverse reactions or damage to the wood.

7. Professional Restoration and Preservation Services

For more extensive restoration or preservation needs, it is advisable to seek professional help. Experienced restoration specialists have the expertise and tools necessary to revive and preserve the original beauty of your hardwood floors. They can perform tasks such as deep cleaning, refinishing, and repairing any damage.

By entrusting your hardwood floors to professionals, you can ensure that the preservation process is carried out with utmost care and attention to detail. Professional services also extend the lifespan of your floors, making them last for generations to come.


Preserving and maintaining original hardwood floors is a labor of love that requires consistent care and attention. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can protect the history and beauty of these timeless treasures. Regular cleaning, protection from scratches and wear, controlling humidity levels, protecting against sunlight damage, regular inspection and maintenance, proper use of cleaning products, and seeking professional restoration services when needed are all essential steps to preserve and maintain your original hardwood floors.

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